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Airborne armoured jeep

Sdkfz 247A armoured staff car

Sdkfz 6 SP 37mm Flak

37mm Flak 42 and crew

37mm Flak 37 and crew

6lb GMC porte A/T Gun

AMR 35 ZT3 recce tank 25mm


German M/C combos x 3

Sdkfz 7 armoured 37mm Flak

AMR 35 YS armoured radio

Sdkfz 254 wheel cum track

M5 Artillery tractor

Sdkfz 253 Observer H/T

Kettenkrad x 2

Sdkfz 263 8 wheel radio A/C

Chevy truck 15 cwt


37mm Flak 42 and crew

37mm Flak 37 and crew


British Headquarters


Sarharina Breda with 20mm

Older news


  • Belgian infantry released


  • Finnish Winter war infantry released.

  • Finnish Continuation war infantry released

  • Polish cavalry released


  • BEF infantry 1940 released.

  • New Paras released

  • 8th Army Infantry released

  • 2lb anti tank gun released

  • 18lb howitzer and crew released

  • 25lb Mk2 howitzer and crew released.

  • 25lb Mk3 howitzer and crew released.

Also added recently

PzKpwf IV Ausf. D now available again.

Hotchkiss H39now available again.

Added infantry for Greece.

Added infantry for Rumanian.

Added infantry for Hungaian.

Added infantry for Italians x2.


Added Lorraine carrier

Added Laffly W15 TCC 47mm A/T

Added Laffly V15 T


Added C3P Bofors Tractor

Added Polish 40mm Bofors AA +crew


Added 40mm Bofors AA gun + crew

Added Early war 15cwt platoon truck

Added Late war 15cwt platoon truck

Added CMP 3 ton truck

Added Daimler Dingo x 2

Added Bedford OY 3 ton truck

Added Bedford QF truck

Added Daimler Mk 1

Added Humber Mk II  

Added Humber Mk IV

Added Staghound

Added Late war 15cwt Radio truck

Added Bedford WL 3 ton truck

Added Humber 4x4 utility "Box"

Added Quad Mk2 limber 25lb Mk2

Added Quad Mk3 limber 25lb Mk3

Added Quad Mk2 limber 18/25lb

Added White scout car


Added Krupp Protze tractor Kfz 69

Added Krupp Protze truck Kfz 70

Added Einheits Diesel truck

Added RSO Ost Schlepper

Added Sdkfz 13 light Armoured car

Added Sdkfz  222

Added Sdkfz  263     6 wheeler  

Added Sdkfz   231    8 wheeler


Added GMC 2.5 ton truck,

Added US recce jeep

Added US radio jeep

Added Weapons carrier jeep

Added M8 Armoured car


Added new Russian x 2.