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AMR 33

The AMR 33 was a light tank armed with a single machine gun used by the cavalry in the reconnaissance role.

Fv101 vehicle
AMR 35 recconaisance tank

The AMR35 light tank was used as a reconnaissance vehicle in the French army and was made in 3 versions . 87 AMR35 model ZT1's were made with a 7.5mm machine gun mounted in the turret and another 80 ZT1's mounted a 13.2mm heavy machine gun in a .. Read more here.

Fv271 vehicle
AMR 35 YS armoured radio

Just released
Fv401 vehicle
AMR 35 ZT3 recce tank 25mm

Just released
Fv391 vehicle
Char 1 Bis

The Char B 1 was designed as the French armies breakthrough tank . Armed with a 47mm anti tank gun in the turret, a 75mm howitzer in the hull and with 40mm thick armour it was in its day a formidable opponent superior to all German designs . At the battle.. Read more here.

Fv111 vehicle
Char D2 Medium tank

Fv301 vehicle
Citroen autobus troop transporter

Fv411 vehicle
FCM 36 light tank

Fv351 vehicle
French cycle troops x 5

Fs115 cyclists
French Laffly S20 TL

Laffly S20 TL  were  used  as  troop carriers by  the mechanised dragoon units of French cavalry divisions.

Fv41 vehicle
French Laffly S20TL radio truck

Fv321 vehicle
French light tank Markings

D21 sheet of decals
French Motor cycle troops


Fv263 motos + 1 combo
French staff cars

The French army used civilian vehicles as staff cars and as troop transport in reconnaissance units . The models shown here are the most commonly used types , the Peugeot 402 and Citroen avant traction.

Fv311 vehicle
FT17 light tank gun armed

Fv281 vehicle
FT17 light tank MG armed

Fv291 vehicle
Hotchkiss H35

The Hotchkiss H35 tank was issued to French BCC ( Battalions Chars de Combat ) units 13e and 38e in the French order of Battle of May 1940 . This early version of the light tank Armed with a short 37 mm SA 18 gun lost out to the Renault model R35 and was .. Read more here.

Fv61 vehicle
Hotchkiss H35 with SA 38 cannon

The Hotckiss H35 tank was originally armed with a short barrelled 37mm gun which had a low muzzle velocity and poor armour penetration. In 1940 a programme was put into place to rearm some H35 tanks with the longer barrelled 37mm SA 38 cannon that was cap.. Read more here.

Fv71 vehicle
Hotchkiss H39

The Hotchkiss H 39 light tank was and uprated version of the earlier H35 tank. The hull was enlarged to accommodate a 120hp engine which improved the vehicles top speed to 36km/h (22.3 mph). The first, second and third French armoured divisions (DCR) were.. Read more here.

Fv91 vehicle
Kegresse light gun tractor

The Kegresse light gun tractor was used by French mechanised units to tow light guns such as the 75mm field gun and the 47mm anti tank cannon.

Guns not included.

Fv181 tractor
Kegresse machine gun carrier

The Kegresse half track machine gun carrier was used by French mechanised Dragoon units to transport Hotchkiss machine gun sections.

Fv191 vehicle
Kegresse staff car

Kegresse halftrack staff car was used by French mechanised units as tranport for officers . The vehicles construction gave it superior cross country performance so consequently it was used in tank units.

Soon to be released
Fv201 vehicle
Lafflly W15T 6 wheel tractor

Laffly Hotchkiss W15T 6 wheel tractor was produced as a replacement for the Kegresse halftrack as a light gun tractor in mechanised cavalry units . This particular model was used to tow the 47mm anti tank gun and the 25mm anti aircraft cannon.

Guns not .. Read more here.

Fv231 vehicle
Laffly S20 TL 25mm A/T porte

The Laffly W15 TCC was produced in small numbers ( 70 in total) and mounted an effective 47mm anti tank anti gun . Along with other units they were employed by anti tank batteries (5 per battery) attached to the 2nd , 3rd & 4th DCR & the 7th.. Read more here.

Fv241 vehicle
Laffly Scout Car

The Laffly V15R was the reconnaissance version of the Laffly 4X4 series which served in the French army of 1940.

The model comes with 3 crew figures.

Fv31 vehicle
Laffly V15 T

Laffly V15 T was a 4x4 light gun tractor designed to to the rather fragile 25mm anti tank gun. Many of these tractors were later employed by the Germans in Russia.

Supplied with roof.

Fv171 vehicle
Laffly W15 TCC 47mm A/T

The Laffly W15 TCC was produced in small numbers ( 70 in total) and mounted an effective  47mm anti tank anti gun . Along with other units they were employed by anti tank batteries (5 per battery) attached to the 2nd ,  3rd &  4th .. Read more here.

Fv161 vehicle
Lorraine Carrier

Lorraine tracked  carrier was used to transport 6 infantrymen with armoured protection. Employed by infantry units attached to French armoured divisions.

Fv151 vehicle
Matford & Simca staff cars

Fv432 vehicles
Panhard P175

The Panhard P178 armoured car was a modern design armed with a 25mm anti tank cannon. These vehicles were used by French cavalry formations and by the reconnaissance units of Infantry divisions. Many captured vehicles were also used by the German army dur.. Read more here.

Fv131 vehicle
Peugeot DK5 Camionette

Fv341 vehicle
Renault ADK 1.5 ton truck

The Renault ADK 1.5 ton truck (along with its Citroen equivalent ) was one of the most commonly used light trucks in the French army. Later extensively used by the Germans in France and Russia.

Fv221 vehicle
Renault ADR radio van

Fv331 vehicle
Renault R35

The Renault R35 light tank was designed as the replacement for the old FT-17 of WW1 fame. The tank was armed with a short 37mm L/21 SA18 cannon and a 7.5mm machine gun. It was produced in great numbers and equipped two thirds of all French independent tan.. Read more here.

Fv81 vehicle
Renault truck AGR

5000 of these Renault AGR 4.5 ton trucks were produced in total. They served in the French army of 1940 in various roles and were later used by the Germans on the Eastern front.

Fv11 vehicle
Renault truck AHN

The Renault AHN 3.5 ton truck served in the army of France in 1940 but was also produced in great numbers for the Wehrmacht serving in Russia and North west Europe right up to the end of the war.

Fv21 vehicle
Renault UE tractor

The Renault UE tractor was the most common armored vehicle seen in the French army. It was used as an armoured carrier to tow tracked munitions trailers, 81mm mortars and 25mm anti tank guns . These vehicles were also produced under license in Rumania for.. Read more here.

Fv141 vehicle
Somua S35

The Somua S 35 was a medium cavalry tank . Armed with a 47mm anti tank gun and with 40mm thick cast armor, it is said to be the best tank produced in the 1930ís. Used to equip French cavalry divisions, the vehicle was deployed in mixed tank battalions ope.. Read more here.

Fv121 vehicle
Unic halftrack

The Unic halftrack was used to tow the 75mm gun in mechanised field artillery units. The Germans also used in great numbers by the Germans as anti tank gun tractors during operation Barbarossa.

Guns not included.

Fv211 vehicle
W15T Laffly 6x4 Lt gun tractor

Laffly W15T 6 wheel tractor was produced as a replacement for the Kegresse halftrack as a light gun tractor in mechanised cavalry artillery units . This particular model was used to tow the 75mm light field gun and can be seen on U tube video footage s.. Read more here.

Fv51 vehicle