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Why choose 10mm for your wargaming scale?

We believe that this scale represents the best option for divisional sized wargaming but you have to decide.

Read the list below, weight up the points and make the choice that best fits your personal circumstances. There is no perfect scale as all scales have their pros and cons but if you consider the points carefully you might come to the same conclusion that we did and choose 10mm scale, and if not then just enjoy your wargaming whatever the scale.

  • Unlike earlier periods, WW2 weapons have very long ranges. Unless you can suspend all disbelief you need to consider a realistic ground scale for your battles.
  • How big an army do you want to wargame in comparison to you table size you have? Corps, Divisional, Brigade, Battalion or company sized actions. Remember bigger the unit the greater the variety of equipment.
  • Do you find that looking at wargaming models of smaller scales difficult. The bigger the model is, the easier it is to see and admire on the table.
  • Is cost a major factor in your choice, fielding a large army is an expensive business. The larger the scale you use the greater your cost per unit.
  • You need to consider your time investment when painting models. A better detailed model is more pleasure to paint and will reward your efforts more than a poorly detailed one.
  • Some models like plastic models or those of smaller scales are not as durable when being handled during a game, the barrels bend or break and all your hours of painting will go to waste.
  • What scale suits your painting and modelling style? Everyone admires a well painted and detailed model yet achieving this in larger scales can be even more difficult. The expectation of detail is far greater for larger scales, just look a badly painted 54mm model and you will see what I mean. On the other hand if you have the time and the skill you can achieve better results with bigger scales and be the envy of every convention.
  • Some people simply do not like the feel of Plastic models and figures for wargaming and would never consider scales over 15mm due to the high cost of producing big metal models.
  • Footprint size is another important factor, you will need to transport and store all your models and scenery, have you got the space?
  • Probably the most important consideration is out of your control. What scale do your opponents use? Use this list of points to persuade them yours is the right choice.
  • Consider the nationality and period of the army you want field. If its a rare army then you wont find it in some scales and even then there will be a limited choice of weapons available to you. No scale does all the national armies well as the rarer ones dont sell in great numbers so if you have a taste for the exotic then choose wisely.
  • Finally consider all the companies that are producing within your chosen scale. If one company doesnt make the Chinese amphibious tank you are after then look at what is available in the other the companies ranges, but be aware there are size differences even within the same scale.

This is not a complete list of considerations but I hope you will not find it a biased list as it is clear not every point ticks the 10mm box and I am open to suggestions if you want to get in touch with me.

10mm scale is the most cost effective scale

Comparisons  made between  Pithead 10mm and the  three most  well known model producers  in 6mm , 15mm,  and  20mm show that Pithead is up to 38% (1.50) cheaper than any other scale for the same model  tank.  ( example used was a model Panzer IV)

6mm        metal   1.40 per tank

10mm    Pithead  metal   2.50 per tank

15mm    resin    6.70 per tank

20mm      plastic kit   9.50