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Welcome to Pithead

To place an order simply Email a list of the model code numbers and quantities you require to the address below and we will contact you and advise you on availability for your order.

Postal charges

Postal charges:

United Kingdom 6% of order value, minimum charge of £2.00.

Europe 15% of order value, minimum charge of £4.00.

USA and the rest of the world 23% of order value, minimum charge £5.00

We are able to accept payment by PayPal

Order template

To place an order, simply open the order template below . Type in the quantities of each item you require in the "Number ordered" column then type a 1 in the relevant yellow postage box. The order form will automatically total the amount for you. Email this to us as an attachment and we will advise you on availability and delivery.

(Note:- the form requires Word Excel to work.)

Order template

"Limited Edition" Models only available to supporting customers, for details look in "About Pithead".